Fisheries of Africa

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Fisheries of Africa African share of the total world fisheries is only about 6%. Many African territories actually import fish from temperate regions.

African fisheries
Fisheries of Africa

Some areas like Africa, Angola, Mauritania and Morocco export fish and fish products, accounting for only 1.5% of total African export. The main reasons for backwardness of fishing are

  • 1. The character of the African coast-no deep bays, inaccessible shallow waters and coral reef coast.

  • 2. The limited continental shelf-200 m deep continental shelf lying as far as 80 kms offshore and broader continental shelf limited to Agulhas bank (South African) off the coast of Sierra Leone, Republic of Ghana also off the northwest of the continent.

  • 3. Tropical waters and oceans currents - limited plant supply, less productive nature, poor in edible fish and up-welling zones are alone encouraging fish likely.
  • 4. Methods of fishing-inefficient, except in the commercial fisheries of South Africa and Morocco.

    The most important products include tinned pilchards, meal, rock lobster, fish and whale oil, sardines, carp stockfish and sole. 21% of in-shore catch is canned, important canneries are located at Cape Town, Saldan Walvis Bay and Luderitz Bay. South Africa is one of ten most important producers of fish in the world, fisheries have developed in Zaire, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda (Lake Victoria, Lake Kyoga and Lake Chad are important.)

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