Peoples of Africa

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Peoples of Africa People and Distribution of Population

Peoples of Africa

The peoples of Africa may be divided into three main groups.

The South Mediterranean Branch of the White Race are found mainly in Northern Africa. They include the Berbers, Arabs, and Egyptians, as well as those mysterious folk, the Tuaregs, who live in the Sahara.

The rest of the continent, apart from the comparatively few people of European origin, is inhabited mainly by Negroes. On the southern and eastern margins of the Sahara, in the Upper Nile Valley, Ethiopia, and along the East Coast there has been a considerable admixture of Negro blood with that of the Arabs and other South Mediterranean peoples. The distribution of population is uneven.

The density varies from 1 (one) person per square kilometer in Sahara to 390 persons per square kilometer in the irrigated Nile Valley, the coastal fringes of the Barbary state Ethiopia, West Africa, the East Africa plateau and the eastern and southern parts of South Africa. Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, (Barbary states), Mediterranean climate; crops for domestic and foreign market, wine wheat and barley. Ethiopia highlands; cool climate well watered plateau; volcanic (fertile) soils. West African careful farming; increasing trade; East Africa; healthy climate, good crops on fertile soils; cattle rearing: south Africa eastern port well watered, Mediterranean climate, mining, variety of crops; trade. Humid climate of the Equatorial region; arid condition deserts; the reasons are (hostile climate) leaching and poor yield in tropical soils; diseases like yellow fever and sleeping sickness (disease is ruler of Africa) malnutrition; Inter-tribal warfare and slave export in the past were dominant reasons.

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