Sahara desert

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Sahara desert
Sahara desert

The Sahara: The Sahara, greatest of all deserts, lies in the North-East Trade Wind belt. From West to East it extends for 3,000 miles, and from north to south for 1,200 miles. It is crossed from northwest to southeast by the Ahaggar and Tibesti Highlands.

It is difficult to imagine the intense summer heat. The mean July temperature exceeds 90 F in parts of the Sahara the annual range is as much as 44 F., and the daily range as great as 36 F.

Though enormous tracts are quite devoid of vegetation. In those regions, chiefly on the desert margins, which receive 10 inches of rain per annum, thorny scrub and poor pastures are found. Underground supplies of water give rise to oases.

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