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TUNISIA In short 163610 km2 for almost 10 million inhabitants including 40% younger than 15 years.


On the Mediterranean, Tunisia, French-speaking Arab country of North Africa, has a coastal frontage which became, in 20 years a massive holiday destination, from Jerba and its sun with Hammamet and its escapades through to Port el Qantaoui. This mass tourism somewhat disfigured the image of a country which does not lack attractions: exceptional archeological sites (Dougga, Bula Reggia, El Jem, Carthage), Arab médinas worthy of Thousand and One Nights (Kairouan, Monastir), cities métissées (Sfax, Tunis) and finally of the landscapes of a large variety, north green and full with fields, the Sahel and its olive-trees and desert south with its oases and Berber villages.

CURRENCY Dinar. POLITICAL SITUATION Anchored to the c?ur of the Maghreb, Tunisia is, with the eyes of many Western chancelleries, an oasis of stability between Algeria in prey with the civil war and the integrism, and Libya of colonel Kadhafi. Since the independence of the country, Bourguiba, then Ben Ali knew to keep a balance between Arab and European neighbors with the often divergent interests. Tunisia benefits fully from this policy from the economic point of view, with an exemplary growth doped by tourism which reached industrial proportions. Behind this image another reality is hiding. If Tunisia has all appearances and the institutions of a modern and democratic nation (obligatory civil wedding, women's rights), it is part, actually, of the countries where the elections are being won with more than 99% of the voices!

TO TRAVEL TO TUNISIA the nationals of the countries of the EEC, the USA, Canada, Switzerland are exempted of visa. For transport from abroad, it is necessary to distinguish, starting from Tunisia, France, of the rest of the world. Indeed, starting from France, there are flights practically all the time, of any provincial town towards Tunis, Jerba, as well as the other stations of the country. Tunis Air, the national company, serves from Tunis certain towns of Europe, of Africa, and the Middle East. Air France ensures several daily flights from Paris, Marseilles and Nice. The other European companies to come to Tunis (between 4 and 7 times/week) are Alitalia, British Airways, Lufthansa and Swiss. Middle East side, there are Royal Jordanian, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian, Egypt Air and cavity Air Algeria and Royal Air Morocco. INLAND TRANSPORTS to travel within Tunisia, the plane is useful to cover long distances quickly. Tuninter, subsidiary of Tunis Air, serves Tozeur, Jerba and Sfax. As for road transport, the choice is between the buses, well organized, and the shared taxis which one definitely finds in all the Arab countries.

A former French protectorate, Tunisia is now independent. Tunis on a poor harbor, lies south of the site of Carthage, the great city that once commanded the route from the western to the eastern Mediterranean. Tunis is the centre of an expanding handicrafts industry. Bizerta, to the northwest, has a huge oil refinery.

It is primarily a Muslim state, is the smallest of Barbary states. Its capital is Tunis which is also a major port and cultural centre. It exports phosphate rock, olive oil, wheat, barley and wine and imports textiles, machinery, automobile and many other products.

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