The Appalachians

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The Appalachians
  • (2) The Appalachians run from the St. Lawrence southward, roughly parallel to the east coast.

    The Appalachians
    The Appalachians

    They are the remains of ancient fold mountains, much denuded and changed by subsequent earth movements. North-east of the Hudson Valley they form the New England Highlands; to the south they are known as the Central and Southern Appalachians, a system of parallel ridges and valleys, broadest and highest in the mid-south.

    The Appalachian highlands extend from Alabama to Newfoundland. The highlands consist of the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the ridge and valley, the Appalachian plateau and the New England region. The Piedmont is a rolling upland forming the eastern margin of the Appalachians from Pennsylvania southward. The Blue Ridge Mountains are having peaks higher than 1800m, and wider in the southern margin in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

    The ridge and valley is a landscape of parallel ridges and valleys extending from Alabama to New York. Great valley has been recognized by its local regional name such as the Cumberland valley. The Appalachian plateau is highly eroded.

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