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Bolivia is a beautiful country found at the heart of South America.

Bolivia is a beautiful country found at the heart of South America. Though it is considered as the poorest country in America; Bolivia overcompensates in terms of natural resources. What people know about this country is too little to what it actually is. Bolivia is silently one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Must-Go-To Places in Bolivia:

1.) Lake Titicaca - This is one of, if not the top reason why people take a trip to Bolivia. This very sacred Lake is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world! A lot of tourists take a cruise on Lake Titicaca and just savor the experience.

2.) La Paz - Have you ever experienced "street life" in other capital cities? If you have, then you're in for a whole new experience here in La Paz. This is the world's highest capital city which is situated 11, 910 ft. above sea level just by the towering Mount Illimani. Imagine walking around the streets that HIGH. It's an experience worth cherishing for sure.

3.) Potosi' - This city is very historic. It was once considered as the most important city not only in Bolivia; but the whole continent of South America. Potosi' was known for its vast wealth of minerals; specifically silver. Nowadays, tourists visit it to see the mines where the great natural resources of Bolivia are.

4.) Che Guevara Trail - Who doesn't know Che Guevara? Seriously? Che Guevara is a legend known by people from all walks of live. Make your visit in Bolivia count! Don't fly out of the country without visiting the place where this iconic man died. You will have the privilege to personally walk on the same ground that Che Guevara walked on. If that's not a fun and fulfilling experience, then I don't know what is!

5.) Cordillera Real - Everyone loves to go mountain climbing (except those who has a fear of heights). Bolivia offers the optimum mountain climbing experience through the Cordillera Real. Don't be worried though because you won't be left out to dry. There are guides who will help you out in your mountain climbing escapades.

6.) Carnival in Oruro - You probably have been to hundreds of parties in your life, but believe me when I say that you've never been to a party like this before! Make sure that you join the street party at the annual Carnival in Oruro. It is a very fun and exciting experience for anyone; regardless of your age. This is one of the key events in Bolivia so it's best to time your visit to this event.

Bolivia is such a great country. They may be known as the poorest country in America but they surely are rich in great tourist attractions. Make sure that you find time to visit this amazing country. Bolivia is something you definitely won't regret!

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