Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered as one of the pristine tropical paradises. The country is rich in exotic and diverse wildlife. A quick tour in its lush green forest will offer you a glimpse of the rare species like the toucans and howler monkeys freely roaming in the wild. Every year, more than 1.5 million tourists come to Costa Rica and there are a lot of reasons why you should also come and visit this little paradise.

Adventure-seeking travelers can enjoy surfing, swimming and snorkeling in the white sand beaches or hike and spot the wildlife in their forest. The list of activities that can be done in Costa Rica is almost endless. One can visit an active volcano, explore the cloud forest or just get a tan while relaxing on the sandy beach. Thrill seekers can pump up their adrenaline with the hundred of meters long canopy zip lines and ride the rough waves of the Pacific Ocean.

A popular activity in Costa Rica is going for a day trip on the Palo Verde National Park. This is where tourists can enjoy the relaxing view of the swamps, saltwater and fresh water lagoons and the mangroves. Cruising along the Bebedero River offers tourists an up-close encounter with the fresh water crocodiles, anteaters, green iguanas and other exotic animals living on the diverse ecosystem of the river.

Aside from the land animals, the Palo Verde National Park is also a great place for bird watchers. The waters of the Bebedero River caters for the variety of exotic and endangered species of birds such as the boat billed heron, roseate spoonbill, tiger heron, tropical kingbird and the American wood stork.

The naturalist tour guides in Palo Verde National Park are trained to spot and recognize the various species of birds and animals living in the area. They can teach you about the sounds made by the animals and what these sounds mean.

However, the tourist boom in the country also carries some negative impact especially on the natural ecosystem. The need for additional facilities to cater the incoming tourists has led to the destruction of some parts of the forest and the over crowding of the once pristine paradise drove some of the animals away. But the local government of Costa Rica is aware of this problem and several regulations are put in place to help protect and save the paradise so that people can enjoy its beauty for generations to come.

At night, the streets of Costa Rica are lighted by the various dining places where tourists can try some of the country's finest dishes. There are restaurants that serve both traditional and exotic dishes that will surely be enjoyed by food enthusiasts.

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