French Guyana

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French Guyana

French Guyana
French Guyana

We now want to learn more and more foreign languages, as the ability to speak a foreign language is very beneficial and allows to travel to more countries and communicate with more people. There are varieties of languages to be learnt. If you opt for French, you'll discover it is used as an official language in more than 32 countries, and it is spread over 5 continents. French-speaking countries include Haiti, French Guyana and many African countries. French Guyana is a small territory situated at the northern coast of South America.

French Guyana is politically a territory of France.. It occupies a surface area of 91000 sq km with a population of 200,000. The religion followed by natives of this land is nowadays Roman Catholic. It is a financially challenged community that generates most its income from tourism. It has a great landscape and offers number of tourist attractions all round the year. It offers countless adventure and tourist hotspot. You can embark on expeditions and experiment adventure trips. You will surely love the beautiful and humble landscape enjoying every bit of nature.

Tourists will have a very nice experience while making their trip. The heart of French Guyana lies in its deep forest housing a number of beautiful rivers. You can grasp the beauty of the virgin forest and the communities inhabiting there. A great number of tourists keep flocking the land to view its immense natural beauty. You will love moving with the high and lows of the rivers. French Guyana houses a number of aquatic creatures and treasures, and many unusual flora and fauna species.

French Guyana emphasizes on its traditions and cultures. Topography and wilderness make it a right place for youth travel. By taking river tours, you will be able to watch the aquatic treasures and the unfolding beauty of nature. And even meet the Maroon and Amerindian cultures.

If you are very adventurous, step into the forest tours too. The forest of French Guyana makes your trip even more enjoyable with mountain hiking. Even if you are not a specialist hiker, you can easily do it here. A guide will assist you all time and help you to make your trip more enjoyable.

By reaching the mountain tops, you can view the gorgeous scenery. The scenic beauty of the land makes your trip very pleasurable. The forest facilitates a range of exciting activity and makes your trip memorable. The virgin woodlands of French Guyana are perfect for vacationers who love forest adventure. Apart from rivers and forest you will also enjoy the auto tours of the island. You can explore the restaurants, landmarks, and markets. French Guyana has a distinct character and it is very different from other colonies.

The Guyana space centre, Salvation Islands, Saint-Laurent and Awala-Yalimapo are some of the best destinations in French Guyana.

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