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Guyana (formally known as British Guiana) is located on the northern coast of South America. It is surrounded by Brazil in the South, Venezuela to the west and Suriname to the East. It is the only country in South America where the official language has been designated as English, making it especially easy for many tourists to communicate with the locals in the area.

Guyana is divided into five distinct natural regions. The northern coast which runs along the Atlantic Ocean is known as the ‘low coastal plain’ and is where the majority of Guyana’s population of 770,000 live. Moving further inland you have small white sand belt which is formed of white sand hills and clay.

The southern side of the country is landscaped by lush green rainforest, much of which is completely inaccessible to humans. Guyana has the largest amount of unspoiled rainforest in South America. The south west is dominated desert savannah as well as mountains which form the border of Brazil. The landscape has inspired many writers in their story telling, the most famous probably being that of ‘The Lost World’ by Arthur Conan Doyle. For those with a keen interest in backpacking it is ideal to visit ‘Mount Roraima’ the highest point in Guyana. It is located on the borders of Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela where you will be able to see all countries from the top after a pretty strenuous walk.

The climate remains hot and humid throughout the year; however winds along the coast do break this up a little. There are two rainy seasons throughout the year; from May to August and from November to January. It is not generally advised to visit during these times however the rain will not be so bad to ruin your holiday.

One of the more wonderful activities to carry out whilst in Guyana is visiting the Konashen Indigneous District. This stunning area is community owned and relies on ecotourism to keep it sustained. This area is one of the most pristine areas in the world and is one of the only locations that you are able to see a number of species of plants and animals.

If you are less of an adventurous type there are still plenty of locations to visit in other areas. One of the top places to visit in Guyana is ‘St Georges Cathedral’ located in Georgetown. This beautiful building is the second largest wooden worship place in the world and every part of the structure is breathtaking.

If you are into sport; particularly cricket then one of the best places to visit is ‘Providence Stadium’. This stadium was built specifically for hosting matches of the cricket World Cup in 2007, however it is still in use today and if you are lucky you may be able to catch an international cricket match at the stadium. There is also a shopping mall close by as well as ‘Princess International Hotel’ so it is a good place to stay whilst staying in Guyana as there is a lot to do in the immediate area.

Stabroek Market is also a fascinating place to visit, it is the central trade hub for many people living in the country and you will be able to purchase anything you are able to think of in this area. It is extremely useful to purchase souvenirs here after your vacation in Guyana.

It is well worth visiting Guyana, there is something for everything here; whether you want to explore the wildlife in this country or whether you want to explore fascinating architecture and experience the night life. It is well worth consulting various tour groups so that you are able to get the best experience when you visit Guyana so that you will have a vacation that you will never forget.

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