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Machu Picchu

Peru is a country of natural resources. This beautiful land is situated in South America and shares borders with Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile. Peru is famous for vacations and its vast travel industry. Peru archaeological sites are very fascinating and unique; one can say it is a main attraction of Peru. Peru comes in amazingly among the list of swiftest improving nations globally and they have very much to offer. Many of us recognize Peru by its famous destination Machu Picchu. Coastal deserts are another amazing attraction for travelers.

Peru's official language is Spanish, but English is also a casual language spoken by tourist guides. Its area comes under 1,285,216km and their population is 30 million. Their living conditions are inadequate and Peru's people live under the lower income range. The tourism industry is really helpful for them as they have otherwise only natural resources to live with. They love their country and feel proud to be Peruvian. Peru has 9 cities including the capital Lima. There are many famous destinations to visit; Chan-Chan, Machu Picchu, Manu National Park, Mancora, Rio Abiseo National Park etc. The Peruvian export market starts from their seaport in Lima known as Callao.

Peru cuisines, food and drinks are very famous and it's a perfect holiday destination for you. You can find a wide range of fruit and vegetables in the region. One can get both Spanish and African cuisines throughout the country; fish and potatoes dishes are very popular on the coasts. Tropical fruits are easily available and if you visit the jungle, then you'll find assortments of beautiful flowers. Alcohol can be served to those under 18, anthough it is not official. Peru beer is famous worldwide, and they offer a wide range of beers. Mountain peaks, national parks and forests are the must see locations.

Peru coffee is very famous and coffee beans are cultivated in high mountains. Peru is the highest producer of natural and organic coffee. Coca tea is also easily available, which is a great source of vitamin E. Accommodations and hotels in Peru are easily available and affordable too. Hotels named 'Hostels' are only for lovers so don't mix up these two things and always choose tourist hotels. Learn some common Spanish slang terms before visiting Peru; it will make your trip so much easier! Peru tourist police is quite helpful and they speak English too, so contact them if you are having trouble with anything. Famous accommodations, dining establishments, and the ambience will definitely charm you.

Peruvian food is famous and delicious especially "ceviche" a seafood dish; but avoid eating anything from street stalls, because it can be unhygienic. Avoid drinking tap water or boil it before you drink. Many street shops sell ice cream candies made up of tap water so avoid them too, if you can't resist. Always go with a sunburn cream due to High UV radiations in the Lima region. Peru is an adventurous place to visit but it is also a very good place for your peace of mind.

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