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Here under Kauai,you will find travel information about the island of Kauai, as well as general information.

Kauai CoastExotic Kauai, "Land of beginnings", was formed about 5 million years ago from a single shield volcano and is therefore the oldest of Hawaii's major islands. Kauai's reputation as home to the wettest spot on earth (Mount Waialeale with an average rainfall of 485 inches per year) has also lead to its popular designation as "The Garden Isle". Tropical and wild, the fourth largest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain offers a magnificent scenery and lush vegetation with tropical plants and flowers, towering green mountains and cascading waterfalls.

As Kauai was the first of the Hawaiian Islands to be settled by Marquesan seafarers and the last one to be conquered by Kamehamea the Great on his quest to unify the islands under one king, combined with its remoteness from the rest of the island chain, it is also called "The Separate Kingdom".

Geyser at Shouting HornHawaii's most scenic island has 90 miles of coastline with some of the state's most beautiful golden and uncrowded beaches. Kauai features spectacular natural panoramas, daily rainbows and awe-inspiring landscapes like the red and green vistas of the impressive Waimea Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific", and the majestic sea cliffs of the Na Pali Coast. Therefore the island has been the setting for many great Hollywood films such as "Jurassic Park", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Fantasy Island", "Seven days and Seven nights" and "South Pacific". As the Na Pali Coast on the north shore is inaccessible by road, the best way to enjoy the breathtaking scenic views of the steep cliffs, tumbling crystal waterfalls and emerald valleys is by helicopter, fixed wing plane, catamaran or raft. You might also spot some dolphins or in winter some humpback whales in the sparkling blue water.

Manawaiopuna FallsWith the absence of towering hotels, bars and nightclubs, slowly and peaceful Kauai is the perfect island getaway. The stunning natural beauty remains Kauai's main attraction. Visitors can enjoy the splendid isolation and discover the island's interior, which consists mostly of mountainous forest reserves, via incredible hiking trails. Some places that showcase Kauai's diverse scenery are: the Maniniholo Dry Cave and the wet Waikapala'e and Wakanaloa Caves, the Menehune ditch and Alekoko Fishpond, the geysers at Shouting Horn, the Fern Grotto or the great "hidden" valley of Kalalau.

More and more visitors are drawn to Kauai for its natural splendor and laidback atmosphere. As the least populous and developed of the four largest islands, Kauai is a mecca for all outdoor enthusiasts. The island offers a variety of activities from world-class golfing, mountain biking and horseback riding to fishing, swimming, sailing and kayaking.

Nickname: "The Garden Isle"
Capital: Lihue
County: Kauai
Area: 550 sq miles
Population: 60,000
Highest Point: Kawaikini Peak (5,243 feet)
Official Color: purple
Official Flower: mokihana

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