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State covering 21 386 km2 (8257 sq miles) in the northeast, on the Atlantic coast. In 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Cape Cod Bay and established their colony of PLYMOUTH, and the city of BOSTON was founded ten years later.

Boston Massachusetts

Massachusetts is mostly lowland, rising to 1064 m (3491 ft) in the Berkshire Hills in the west.

Like most New England states, it has few industrial minerals. Former industries producing textiles, clothing and footwear have declined and have largely been superseded by those making electrical equipment, electronic instruments and machinery. Agriculture concentrates on dairy produce, market gardening and cranberries, and the coast and the Berkshires are tourist areas. Boston is the state capital.

Boston USA Port and state capital of Massachusetts, about 300 km (185 miles) north-east of New York city, and the largest city in New England. English colonists first landed there in 1630 - ten years after the Pilgrim Fathers established the nearby PLYMOUTH colony - and in 1632 it became capital of Massachusetts Bay Colony. The city was the scene of the so-called Boston Tea party in 1773, when a party of angry citizens, disguised as Indians, boarded tea ships and dumped their cargo overboard in a gesture of defiance against economic dominance from Britain.

Boston is the centre of a conurbation that spreads north into southern New Hampshire. Its long-established clothing, footwear and textile industries have declined and been replaced by a wide range of newer industries, including electronics. The city is an important financial, business and educational centre, and is the seat of Harvard University (the oldest in the USA, founded in 1636) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe was born there in 1809.

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