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Minnesota is a State on the Canadian border west of Lake Superior.


Although it was explored in the 17th century, it did not become a state until 1858. The north is heavily wooded and dotted with lakes - hence Minnesota's nickname, 'state of ten thousand lakes'. Iron ore and manganese are both mined in the east.

The state covers 217 736 km2 (84 068 sq miles) and produces dairy goods, soya beans, maize, cattle and wheat. Industries include machinery and food processing. The state capital is ST PAUL.

St. Paul USA

Saint Paul is the Twin city of Minneapolis and the state capital of Minnesota. It was founded in 1841 at the navigable limit of the Mississippi river. The city is a centre for tourism and has a popular winter carnival.

Visiting Minnesota provides several activities, things to do and places to visit. It is rich in arts and culture, casinos and gaming, amusements and zoos, great golf, tours and excursions, rich history and science, outdoor and nature activities, sports and shopping. Minnesota has several resorts for visitors, and these are equipped with spas, saunas, restaurants, Jacuzzis, and fireplaces among others.

What to do in Minnesota

There are several things one can do while in Minnesota, both outdoor and indoor activities. For outdoor activities, the several water resorts offer things such as skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding and hiking. There are parks that offer skiing in the winter such as Mille Lacs Kathio State Park. Other parks include; Gooseberry Falls State Park which is 40 miles north of Duluth, Itasca State Park and Frontenac State Park.

Zoos are another feature that can be interesting to see in Minnesota. Minnesota zoo for example has about 500 species of animals which can be seen either walking or riding on the elevated monorail. Here there are animals accustomed to winter such as tigers, gazelles, the amurs and the caribou. Tropical climate animals are also present such as snakes, lynx, coyotes, birds and otters.

Arts and entertainment

There are several spots where one can enjoy live performance, theatres, modern art and even great architectural features. The history of the various cities in the state such as Minneapolis is displayed well in art. The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is a large public garden located in the upper Midwest where individuals and family can enjoy the woodlands, landscape, ponds and prairie. Wineries and breweries have beer that is locally produced. These wineries host various festivals that consist of tastings and other entertainments. There are various other feasts and food festivals that run throughout the whole state. The architecture portrays both ancient and recent forms which can be seen in the churches, towers, shopping malls and institutions.


Biking can be a great sport to do in Minnesota especially in the summer. This can be done in the iconic Minnesota State trail. Biking can offer a great opportunity to view the countryside within the local communities. The state is a top golf destination in the U.S with more than 400 courses with natural settings. Some of the golf clubs include Minn-lowa, Shamrock, Maple valley, Thompson, Fort Ridge, Pine Ridge and Rolling Hills among others.


The state has about 18 casinos with some offering golf courses and others even offering concerts. Examples of these casinos are; White Oak Casino, Northern Lights Casino, Grand Casino Mille Lacs and palace Casino and hotel.


Lovers of shopping can enjoy from the large expanse of shopping malls and centers. The Mall of America stands out where one can enjoy tax-free shopping within all the 520 stores including an indoor amusement park. Other shop where one can do great shopping are; buffalo antique shopping, twin cities Mall Crawl, Shop Wayzata and Excelsior and others.

Attractive Natural features

Among the natural features that are attractive in this state are the lakes. The famous Lake of the Woods is one such example where pike fishing is done. Another attractive natural feature is the Cannon Valley trail which is 19.7 miles long. It is a great place especially for biking all year round. Spending time in Minnesota can for sure be fulfilling and a great learning experience.

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