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Oklahoma is a South-western Great Plains state covering 173 320 km2 (66 919 sq miles) between the Red River and Texas to the south and Kansas to the north.

Turner Falls, Oklahoma

It is gently undulating country, and it was Indian Territory until white settlers arrived in 1889. It became a state in 1907. Farming was badly hit in the 1930s when drought created a dust bowl and much soil was blown away by winds; today it relies on cattle, wheat and cotton.

Oklahoma is the country's third largest natural gas producing state, and also extracts oil and coal. Industries include oil refining and engineering. OKLAHOMA CITY, the state capital, and TULSA are the biggest cities.

Oklahoma Cityis the State capital of Oklahoma, lying in the centre of the state. The city is a cattle market and agricultural service centre. Industries include electronics, processing of farm products and petrochemicals.

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