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The Lost World

Venezuela is known for a lot of things. However, this country is also home to a lot of natural wonders that not many travelers know about. Venezuela is still considered as one of the countries that are not frequently visited by international visitors. So, if you haven't been to Venezuela, then here are some of the places and things to do in this country that may encourage you to include it in your list of places to visit for your next vacation.

Venezuela is where you can find the longest stretch of Caribbean coastline where you can indulge yourself in their pristine white sand beaches and stay in the luxurious hotels. There are also some parts of the coastline that are still underdeveloped and not visited by tourists; these are perfect for those who want to be in a serene place. Several activities like paragliding, windsurfing, scuba diving, kitesurfing and snorkeling are available for you to enjoy your stay in the beach.

Tourists - explorers should we say - can also enjoy the view along the wetlands of the Amazon. This river is home to a lot of fresh water species like the caimans, capybaras, large anacondas and the dreadful piranhas. Another natural wonder found in Venezuela is the flat topped mountain ranged known as the Tepuis. This is one of the popular destinations for hikers because of its very unique landscape and the magnificent view it offers upon reaching the top of the mountain.

The world's tallest single drop waterfalls can also be found in Venezuela. The Angel Falls is a staggering 979 meter high waterfall drop from the top of the Tepuis. Located at Parque Nacional Canaima, the Angel Falls, or what locals call as Salto Angel, is a one of a kind natural beauty. This waterfall has already been featured in several Hollywood films and visitors who've been to this place have no words to describe the beauty of this natural wonder.

The water dropping from the top of the mountain looks like fine white ribbon that highlights the face of the mountain. During the dry season, most of the water coming from the falls evaporates before it even reaches the catch basin. The Angel falls is named to the first aviator who flew over the falls, Jimmie Angel.

Aside from all the natural attractions that you can find in Venezuela, the country is also popular for its salsa clubs located in the main city. There are also local handicrafts and artworks that you can buy as souvenirs from the bucolic towns. The festivals are also some of the attractions that you should check out. Traveling around the city is fairly easy and the cost of living is average, so you can expect to find great deals on food and accommodation.

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