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Here under Antarctica, you will find travel information classified by region of Antarctica, as well as general information.

Continent of extremes, Antarctica has been visited and admired by man only during the last century. Speculation over the existence of a southern land was not confirmed until the early 1820s. It covers 5.5 million square miles. 95% of its area are permanently covered with ice. The South Pole is covered by a layer of over 9,000 feet of ice. Antarctica is however home to many unique animal and vegetal species. A little known fact is that Antarctica is also the world's driest continent, with precipitations lower than in the Sahara desert.

There is no native human population on Antarctica, although there are scientific bases and territories. The "population" (mainly scientists) varies between 1,000 (in winter) and 5,000 (in Summer). The Antarctic Treaty was signed by representatives of 12 nations in 1959 (it prohibits military operations, nuclear explosions, and the disposal of radioactive wastes in Antarctica).

Travel to Antarctica is either by boat or air. Several tour operators offer nature cruises from New Zealand, Australia or Argentina. Tourism by air is usually limited to sightseeing from inside the aircraft, as only military and scientific planes may land on Antarctica.

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