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Here under Arctic, you will find travel information about the Arctic regions, as well as general information.

The Arctic region is not a continent, as it does not include any major landmass, but mainly a thick ice shell. It includes the Arctic Ocean; the northern areas of Canada, Alaska, Russia, Norway, and the Atlantic Ocean; Svalbard; most of Iceland; Greenland; and the Bering Sea. The Arctic's bird population increases dramatically each year in spring with the arrival of migratory birds. Unlike Antarctica, Arctic does have an indigenous human population. The Samoyedes of West Russia, the Yakuts, Tungus, Yukaghirs, and Chukchis of East Russia, and the Eskimo of North America are thought to be descendants of a people who migrated northward from central Asia after the ice age.

The Arctic does have some nature-based tourism and, also some seasonal family destinations like Rovaniemi (Lapland, in Finland), home of Santa Claus.

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