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Located in the western side of the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan is comprised of four provinces and a number of federal territories. Itís found east of Iran and Afghanistan, north of the Arabian Sea and west of India. With a land area of more than 796,000 kilometers, it is almost twice the size of California, a state of America. The countryís name is derived from the Urdu words ďPakĒ which means pure and ďstanĒ meaning country. It boasts of the Pamir and Karakoram mountain ranges that have two of the highest peaks in the world: Nanga Parbat with a height of more than 8,100 m and K2 with more than 8,600 m.

Pakistan, with its tourism tagline ďItís beautiful, Itís PakistanĒ, is indeed a great vacation hotspot. Itís an eminent place to go for those adventurous types who want to have a unique and thrilling experience. Pakistan offers the opportunity to see the Silk Route, a famous historical spectacle which is actually a trade road during the earlier times. You can also climb the mountains if youíre looking for some real action but make sure that you get a permit from the Ministry of Tourism first. Trekking is also allowed in the Karakorams, Hindukush and Himalayas but the government requires tourists to hire a mountain guide and pay an affordable rate of $20 per person. There are also other ways to explore Pakistan like the jeep safari, helicopter safari, train safari and air safari.

If you want to see the luscious greens and wildlife of the country, you can join its Eco tours. Take a trip to the Ayubia National Park found in between the Nathiagali and Murree hill stations. Feast your eyes on its abundant vegetation thatís full of pine forests, wild flowers and landscaped with great mountain slopes and crystal clear streams. You can also challenge the white waters of Pakistan through kayaking and wild river rafting or maybe just enjoy the peace while bird watching in the marvelous lakes of Keenjhar and Haleji.

If these arenít enough, there are also sports and recreational activities that youíll surely enjoy. If you donít want to sweat too much, choose among a number of golf courses and swing your club. Examples of these are the Rawalpindi, Karachi, Peshawar, Bhurban and many others. Relax on a fishing trip in the Phander Lake or tread the mountain paths on your bike. Rock climbing is also a favorite as well as wild boar hunting.

Should the Pakistanisí way of life intrigue you, join any spiritual or heritage tour and get to know their culture a bit more. You can visit mosques or sacred buildings and witness the different religions in Pakistan: Islam, Bhuddism, Hinduism and Sikhism. You may also visit various historical places like the Rohtas and Rawat forts, the Chukundi Tombs and Shah Jehanís Mosque among many others.

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Karachi is a fair place. Not too warm in summer and not too cool in winter. Not too much rain in monsoon as well in winter. It's a nice place to live. Please visit.

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