Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia The Peninsula of Arabia - an ancient crust-block - is a plateau rising steeply from the Red Sea, but sloping more gently to the Persian Gulf and the Tigris-Euphrates valley.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Most of the interior consists of desert or poor steppe on which nomadic tribes, migrating according to the season, pasture their flocks. Cultivation and settlement is limited to the seaward margins and to the oases. Yemen, in the south-west, which receives some rains from the South-west Monsoon, is noted for its coffee, exported from mocha. Oman, which has a scanty winter rainfall, is noted for dates. Mecca, the,, principal city of Saudi Arabia, is famed as the birthplace of Prophet Mohammed.

It is a peninsula. It consists a rectangular block of desert area. Its total area is 2i49690 sq. km. Monarchy system dominates the country and its capital is Riyadh and the language is Arabic. Its high lands near the Red Sea are more populated than other areas as rainfall is comparatively more abundant.

In this area wheat, barley, millet and coffee are the main products. The holy city of Mecca has given Saudi Arabia a prestigious place in the Muslim world. Medina is also a cultural and religious centre of this country. Jeddah is the main port of the country. It is rich in oil reserves and the major export item is petroleum. Exportable minerals are gold, silver and copper.

Quatar with its capital Doha, Oman with its capital Muscat, Bahrain with its capital city Alamanamah, and Kuwait are the principal oil producing countries near and around Saudi Arabia. Yemen with an area of 195000 sq. km. and population of 5926000 people is an indendent country. It produces coffee for export. The capital and the largest city is Sana.

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