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Syria is one of the most ancient countries of the world.


Its capital Damascus is one of the ancient cities of this region. It has an area of 185180 sq. km. Its language is Arabic. It has Mediterranean coastal belt, but its interior is somehow larger than its neighbors.

In the northeast of the country lies the Euphrates valley and in the central and south regions of the country are deserts.

As regards to the population distribution coastal region is thickly populated and the interior region less populated. Syria is basically an agricultural country. It has both irrigated and unirrigated agriculture. In the Euphrates valley and Jezira cotton and wheat farming is producing good results with the method of pipe irrigation system.

A Mediterranean type of climate exists in the coastal region and therefore agriculture there is of the same pattern. Wheat, barley, melon, olives and grapes the typical products of this climate and same are being produced here. It exports wheat, barley and cotton. In the central south deserts sheep and goats are reared. Syria does not possess important deposits of petroleum. Textile industry is not a large scale, but Textile products are exported. Aleppo is the second largest city of Syria.

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