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Albania is a European country. It is located along the shores of the Adriatic Sea in the east, south of Serbia and Montenegro and north of Greece. It has a land area of more than 28,000 square kilometers and is just a bit bigger than the state of Maryland in the United States. It is comprised of two regions, the highlands and the lowlands. The highlands cover about 70% of the country's land while the 30% remains to the lowland region where agriculture takes place. It's one of the world's most sought-after vacation getaways and is home to important personalities like Mother Theresa and the legendary hero Skanderbeg. Because of the warm hospitality of the locals and the number of amazing attractions, Albania is a destination that you really can't skip.

Albania is proud of its beaches that feature crystal clear waters and striking landscapes. In the Ionian Coast, you'll find Qepara beach which is blessed with fine sand and olive groves. It is where St. Mitri's Church and Monastery were both build during the 18th century. Ancient villages and castles like the Karos, Lekure and Borsh castles are also must-sees in the Ionian Coast. The Spille cave which is a beautiful work of nature can be found in the same area, just overlooking the city of Saranda. The Llogora National Park is also a famous tourist attraction that reaches about 2,018 meters of land and is a safe haven for a broad array of flora and fauna, most specially the Flag Pine trees.

On the other hand, the Southern Adriatic Coast is also a main attraction in Albania. It also has a lot of virgin beaches, lagoons and primeval villages that make the place more interesting. Among its well-known beaches are the Mali Robit beach that's dolled up with pine forest and the Shengjin beach. You should also take a look at the country's treats for people who love history: the Appollonia town and the Kuz Baba. Other jaw-dropping places include the "Town of a Thousand and one Windows" or Berat, the amphitheater in Butrint and the "Town of a Thousand Steps" which is Gjirokaster.

And what are the most thrilling activities in Albania? Kayaking in the gorgeous Osumi River and Lake Mati should be a blast. And if you've always loved a white sea of snow, you may want to try skiing in The Albanian Alps or the Dinaric Alps, Mount Korabi or even Mount Jezeca, the highest peak in the country. If you want to stretch your muscles and test your endurance, trekking and mountain climbing in Kollata, the Lura chain of mountains, the Llogaraja pass and the Terbuni Alps will give you that chance. Just remember that every adventure needs adequate preparation so check your gears and health condition first to avoid any accident.


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