Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Southern Europe, there lies a heart-shaped country that covers an area about half the size of the state of Kentucky in the United States. Bosnia and Herzegovina is situated along the coastline of the famous Adriatic Sea on the Balkan Peninsula and reigns just south of Croatia, west of Serbia and northwest of Montenegro. If it's not for the Adriatic Sea, the country would have been landlocked which won't be an issue because it will still flourish with beauty. The northern part is blessed with high peaks and green vegetation while the southern area is teeming with farmlands where the Bosnian people get their supply of good produce. Bosnia is a strikingly gorgeous country with all its amazing landscapes, unique cultures and distinct traditions. And because of its inviting climate, more and more tourists from around the globe fly in to have fun and witness its splendor.

There are so many breathtaking tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. No matter what kind of tourist you are, you'll surely find the country appealing that you'll book a ticket back for your next summer or winter tour. Sarajevo is a charming city that will take your mind off work and other stressful responsibilities. Dine in its fine restaurants, chill in the multitude of its cafes and wonder in awe with its excellent backdrop of high mountains and captivating hills.

Should you wish to enjoy the cool breeze of the Adriatic Sea, drop by Neum where you can get affordable yet very classy accommodations along the coast. Get into your swimsuits and take a splash in the clean water, scuba dive, ride a boat, jet ski or experience an adrenalin rush with parasailing. You can also visit Sutjeska National Park which is famous for its great monuments made of stone built in commemoration of the country's victory against the Germans in World War II. The park consists of more than 17,000 hectares of land that's rich in virgin forests and a wide assortment of wildlife.

Aside from landscapes that epitomize the richness of the country's natural resource, there are also sites that have spiritual significance. In 1981, the Virgin Mary appeared to a group of teenagers playing in Medugorje. Today, the place remains as one of the greatest pilgrimage sites for the Catholics in the world. Tekija, a 16th century monastery is found just beside the underground Karst River where tourists can enjoy Turkish coffee, tea or cold drinks any time of the year.

If you're more into recreational and sports activities, there's really no need to worry. Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a lot of places where you can hike, trek and camp out. There are also ski centers in Mt. Bjelasnica and Jahorin where you'll enjoy snowshoeing, snowboarding and skiing. You can also get a kick from whitewater rafting in the country's most exciting river trails. Mountain biking and paragliding are also among the most in-demand activities there that will definitely blow your mind and challenge your physical capabilities.


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