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Most of you may have gone to Switzerland, London, Amsterdam and all those other famous countries in Europe. But have you ever tried visiting the bewildering beauty of Croatia? It's a wonderful country that sits in the central part of Europe, along the Balkan and the Mediterranean regions. It rests just north of Bosnia and Herzegovina, west of Serbia, southwest of Hungary and northeast of the Adriatic Sea. Covering about 56,594 square kilometers of land that's blessed with that ancient, magical charm, it will surely bring you back to the way the Mediterranean looked like years and years ago. The country's moderately temperate climate with fair instances of rain makes it a truly amazing place to visit for a holiday vacation.

There are so many activities that you and your loved ones can engage in when you fly into Croatia. If you love active tourism, you may want to go on a cycling tour and be drawn by the panoramic views and jaw dropping landscapes. Slavonia, Dalmatia and Istria are famous for the horse riding centers there that range from small farms to commercial horse centers. With all the existing riding schools and their qualified riding instructors, you'll definitely learn how to ride a horse in no time and take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding. And if you want to savor the relaxing comfort of nature, try visiting the Brijuni National Park where you can play golf all day in the gentle climate of the countryside.

Plitvice The Plitvice National Park is on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its stunning nature, colourful lakes and waterfalls. After Niagara Falls, Victoria Falls and Iguazu Falls, the Plitvice Falls are on the top to do list of any waterfall lover. It's actually not one, but a large network of waterfalls, with an easy walk from one to the other. If you like nature and waterfalls and live outside of Europe, a trip to Croatia and Plitvice is defintely justified!

Croatia also offers a lot of adventurous activities for thrill seekers. Jump on a flying tour and relish the incredible view from the top while riding a balloon, paragliding or taking a special plane trip. Mountaineering is also an in demand activity for passionate hikers, trekkers and climbers. There are numerous trails that you can take along Pazin, Split, Ogulin and Zagreb. And just when you think that skiing is not possible in Croatia because of its continental climate, well then you are mistaken. Go to Platak and you'll be amazed with its white sea of glistening snow. And if you're really good in skiing, take on the Snow Queen Trophy competition in Medvednica.

Water fun activities are also available in a Croatian getaway. Kayaking, canoeing and rafting are among the pleasurable activities that you can do in a number of great rivers. Kayak and raft in the rivers of Dobra, Kupa, Korana and Cetina. Canoe in the Netretva River and feast your eyes on amazing castles, ancient buildings, fortresses and old mills along the way.

Lastly, take on the sapphire waters of the Croatian sea. You can go on a sport fishing event and be astonished at how big the different fish species like gilt-poll tuna and sea bass can grow. Get a glimpse of underwater wildlife and sunken ships and galleons as you dive into the deep seas of the country. And if you have been wanting to take your significant other on a romantic sailing expedition, hire a yacht from any of the marinas in Croatia and explore all of the country's 66 islands.


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