Republic of Macedonia

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Republic of Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia
Republic of Macedonia

for the Greek region of Macedonia see Macedonia (Greece)

The Republic of Macedonia - which is better known as Macedonia - is a very beautiful country with its neutral climate. Macedonia has very hot summers and very cold winters, and often heavy snowfall in winters. It was a part of Yugoslavia until 1991; but from 8 September 1991, it became an independent country. Macedonia has a lot of traditional churches, and one can visit traditional monasteries too. Macedonia is connected to the western world and it is a mountainous country. Macedonia is best for you if you want to visit a historic country which is full of natural lakes, rivers and mountains. There are a lot of peoples residing there; Macedonians, Turkish, Albanian, Serbian, and others.

The climate of Macedonia is suitable for everyone. Macedonia has 11 cities with three national parks and the population of this country is rather dense. Macedonia is endowed with excellent natural splendor and attractiveness. There is a lot of large lakes and huge mountains covering the whole area. Do not underestimate its heritage; it has wonderful architecture too. There are three regions Povardarie, western Macedonia and eastern Macedonia. Each region is significant to the country's nature. Povardarie is a city area with good architecture, western Macedonia is a very attractive place to tourists because of great rivers and national parks, and eastern Macedonia is a rural area with fascinating mountains and rural life.

One can stay here for 90 days without visas; visas are limited for European Union only. There are two international airports in Macedonia, one is in Skopje (capital of Macedonia) and another is in Ohrid. If you're not getting a flight directly to Macedonia then don't worry you can fly to Sofia and get a commercial vehicle from there. Travel agencies are a great option especially if you are in trouble.

Another option is to visit by train which is quite affordable too. You can get a train from Greece. Visiting by car is not a good option as there are lots of difficulties. First you need your insurance card and driving related documents, and you must know about the cyrillic letters in order to understand street signs. You can visit Macedonia by bus; there are a lot of busses from Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Macedonia is not a big county but there are many things to visit. You can visit the Memorial House of Mother Teresa, born in Skopje, the famous stone bridge, Traditional Bazaars, Kale fortress, statue of Alexander the Great and many more beautiful places. The Taksirat music festival (originally alternative rock, pop, electronic music and reggae) is among the greatest winter festivals. Macedonia's currency is the denar and you can find many ATMs around the cities, exchange booths are also available for your ease.

Macedonia's traditional food is amazing. Macedonians mostly cook grilled meat and salads with their own spices. You can also enjoy fresh fish in the Ohrid region. Grape brandy named rakija is their traditional national beverage. Macedonia atmosphere is very healthy and it is a must visit country.

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