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Here under Monaco, you will find travel information, as well as general information about Monaco. Monaco The Principality of Monaco or Monaco is the world's second-smallest country (after Vatican). Its area is 0.75 square miles; its population 35,000.

Monte-Carlo, the capital city of Monaco, with its casino, its palaces and its luxurious gardens, is a symbol for gambling and the high life. Developed out of nothing in the last third of the 19th C by the Bains de Mer Company, Monte-Carlo is today a tight packed haven of rich villas and buildings. To the east, Monte-Carlo is extended with its resorts and artificial beaches of Larvotto, and, beyond the border by the old Monte-Carlo Beach buildings.

CasinoThe casino terrace has a superb oasis of palm trees and offers a splendid view of the coastline from Monaco to Bordighera. The surrounding garden where you will notice the Hexa Grace, a work by Vasarely in enamelled volcanic rock, were built on the roofs of Spélugues building, built on piles underneath the monumental building.

Luxury hotels are part of Monaco's heritage. Try the Hermitage Hotel, the Port Palace Hotel, the Paris Hotel or the Metropole Hotel. They are all legends. In particular, the Hotel de Paris of Monaco was built in 1864; it has an idyllic location, sumptuous setting, a rich past and famous guests. Recommended!

Rocher, the historic centre of the Principality is huddled around the Palace and the cathedral and has decor which seems to give the place a somewhat theatrical feel. Its 18C houses, all coloured salmon pink are bound together along the streets and every now and then, in the rue Comte-Félix-Gastald in particular, flaunt a Renaissance door or two. On the sea front, le Rocher is a swathe of green dominating the coastline. The most beautiful views are from the Oceanographic Museum terrace.

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