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Monastery in Montenegro

There is a lot of good things about Montenegro. The breathtaking country has a name translates into "Black Mountain" in the English language. It is located in the southern part of the European continent and is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Kosovo. Montenegro is considered as the Mediterranean pearl and boasts of distinct culture and traditions. It has excellent weather conditions that make it a great option for a holiday vacation. The country is also blessed with rich natural resources, awe inspiring landmarks and scenery, sapphire beaches and overwhelming land forms. With all its remarkable tourist attractions, you'll surely get your money's worth if you fly out to this country with friends and family on your next trip.

The first place you may want to visit is the Durmitor mountain which was made a World Natural Heritage. It features the Durmitor National Park that showcases a great number of glacier lakes and lush vegetation. It is also gifted with spectacular canyons and rapid rivers of clear, splashing waters. You'll surely love the challenge of rafting through the Tara River while feasting your eyes on the priceless panoramic views that seemed to have come from a fairy tale. Another popular attraction is the Skadar Lake which is the greatest in the Balkan area. The lake remains as a natural, unaltered habitat of water birds such as the curly pelican. You'll discover that it is surrounded by small islands, referred to as Goricas, which are enveloped by ivy and pomegranate laurels. Meanwhile, the Biogradska Gora park that is situated in the middle of Lim and Tara rivers is also a vacation hotspot. It boasts Biogradska Lake, untouched forests, national buildings, monuments and archeological sites.

The Lovcen mountain that can be found in the backdrop of Kotor city symbolizes the state of Montenegro. You'll uncover the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, among the country's greatest philosophers and poets, just at the peak of Jezerski vrh and Stirovnik. The place is one of the significant areas in the region where visitors can relish the sight of extraordinary monuments and architecture. Another historical place in Montenegro is the Ostrog Monastery, which is situated just above the valley of Bjelopavlic. People from all over the globe visit the shrine in this monastery which was built for the Holy Mary's Vavedenje. That shrine remains as one of the most visited Christian temples in the world.

These are only some of the amazing attractions that you'll see in Montenegro. The country is teeming with thousands of tourists especially during the peak months of the year. It doesn't only provide nature lovers with memorable eco tours, but also gives adventure seekers the thrill of their lives.


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