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Poland: Warsaw, Cracow, Nowa Huta, Auschwitz, Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin, Lodz, Bialystok, Lublin, Kielce, Radom, Rzeszow, Czestochowa

Here under Poland, you will find travel information classified by city or region of Poland, as well as general information.

Located in central Europe, Poland became a nation in the 10th century and has a rich history. Poland's rich cultural history make it attractive to travelers. Warsaw, the capital, is also the cultural and economic center of Poland.

The National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe) has a collection of art dating back to ancient times. The monumental Battle of the Grunwald by Jan Matejko, a symbol of the Polish victory over the Teutonic Knights in 1410, is one major masterpiece there.

Krakow is one of Poland's oldest towns and the only large town that survived architectural annihilation during WWII. The legend says that a dragon tormented the city until Prince Gracchus (Krak) poisoned and killed it. The city of Krakow was named in the Prince's honor.

The city of Wroclaw has been passed back and forth from country to country for over 1,000 years. Because of that turbulent past, it has a unique history and cultural identity on its own. The Panorama Raclawice Battle painting is a must-see in Wroclaw. The piece is so large, at 19,000 square feet (half of a soccer field,) that a building had to be erected just to house it. The painting, created by several artists including Jan Styka, Ludwik Boller and Wojciech Kossack, celebrates Poland's victory over the Russian troops. That panoramic painting genre does have very few other examples.

Torun, the town of architecture, is one of the few authentic Old Towns in Poland, that has not been entirely destroyed during Word War 2. Even the town's walls and gates are authentic originals. The city dates back to the 13th century and is considered to be the best preserved gothic town in Poland. Torun is also the birthplace of famous astronomer Copernicus, who discovered that the earth revolves around the sun.

The Tatra mountains in southern Poland are the main mountain range. The Mazurian Lakes District, commonly called country of thousand lakes, is a perfect place for kayaking, fishing, water sports and birdwatching.

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