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Pomerania is an area of Europe that encompasses parts of Northern Poland and Germany, along the coastline of the Baltic Sea. Pomerania's main city is Gdansk (Danzig in German). It's in Gdansk that Lech Walesa started his peaceful revolution in the 1970ies - revolution which prompted the demise of communism all over Eastern Europe.


Pomerania is most famous for its Pomeranians. That is a breed of dogs, belonging to the German Spitz. Pomeranians usually live 11 to 17 years. They are a royal breed, favoured by monarchy, movie stars and celebrities. Maintenance of a Pomeranian may be quite extensive, due to their grooming and psychological needs. Dog psychologists state that Pomeranians are prone to separation anxiety disorder, a condition which may require ongoing psychotherapy.

Pomeranians feel best in expensive shopping bags and luxury cars. Paris Hilton had been spotted on several occasions with a pomeranian in her Bentley motor car. Typically very friendly, Pomeranians are however very protective of their owners.

Paris, Bentley and Pomeranian Pomerania has been inhabited for 13,000 years, as evidenced by traces left by various civilisations. Its ownership passed from the Danes, the Romans, the Poles, the Teutons, and other Prussians or Swedes. There are nowadays popular tourist resorts along the Polish coastline, as well as Hanseatic town in Germany. Stralsund is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On a sadder note, the pomeranian part of Germany has nowadays the highest unemployment figures, having inherited the failed economy of the German Democratic Republic.

Boo is the world's most famous Pomeranian. He has over 1 million admirers all over the world, and his dedicated Facebook page. He likes to make statements like
Boo I like to see how many fat rolls I can make by curling up my body as tight as possible. New challenges everyday to keep me active and motivated.
wake me up when it's weekend again.
Boo is now working on a book due to be published soon. He is also about to get the International Award For The World's Cutest Dog.

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