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If anyone said that hot tourist destinations are only those countries with beaches, that was really wrong. Serbia is an amazing place to visit regardless of the fact that it is landlocked. Situated in Southern Europe, this country is east of Herzegovina and Bosnia, north of Montenegro and Macedonia, south of Hungary and southwest of Romania. One would think about swimming and water sport activities when planning for a vacation but there are really a lot of other things that can be done when travelling.

For instance, Serbia has a variety of parks which are comprised of diverse ecosystems that you will really adore. Fruska Gora is among the country's national parks and that is found at the top of the mountain that's situated along the plains of Vojvodina. It boasts of lush linden trees and forests filled with more than 700 kinds of herbs with medicinal benefits. There are also a number of monasteries there that showcase the incredible architecture and distinct culture of the Serbian people. You can bike, hike, picnic or go on a wine tasting tour in this park with your friends and loved ones.

If you want to experience the relaxing ambiance of nature, you can go on a bird watching or fishing tour. Hunting is also allowed in specific areas but remember to follow the country's rules and regulations concerning its care of nature, most specifically its fauna. Two other national parks that Serbia is proud of are Sara and Derdap. And if you really can't get enough of natural sceneries and astounding wildlife, you can visit nature parks like those found in the Kujac mountains, the Mokra Gora valley and Stara Planina. You'll also find natural reserves which are areas that remain unaltered to preserve ecological balance. These places are controlled so never do something that will harm or compromise the ecosystem.

Serbia is also popular because of all the thrilling activities that you can do there. Flying is a sought after tourist activity in this country. That being said, there are about 20 sport airfields that you can choose from and they offer parachuting, paragliding, ballooning, motorized flying and riding an ultralight aircraft. Freeclimbing is also a sport activity that can be done in several natural sites so prepare to stretch your muscles and test your courage. If on the other hand the view from the top is already very common to you, there are also plenty of potholes and caves that you, being an adventure seeker, may want to explore. If you love the challenge of dealing with untamed waters, try log rafting or white water rafting. Log rafting means you have to ride downstream on a set of logs that are made into a raft while white water rafting involves riding a rubber boat. Just remember to wear appropriate life saving jackets or vests and ride with a professional skipper who knows the river well. These are only some of the things that you can do on your trip to Serbia. If you want to find out more, you can consult travel agencies or browse the internet for information.


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