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Welcome to Spain, the country of paella, bullfights and warmth. And beneath these images, Spain, it\'s also a great and unique history, the mountain and the beach and of course, a very specific culture.

\"Barcelona\"Spain has a population of 43 million. It belongs to the Iberica Peninsula with Portugal, and Spain occupies four fifths of the Peninsula. Peninsular Spain has a total area of 493 square kilometers, to which must be added 4,992 square kilometers for the Balearic Islands , 7,447 for the Canary archipelago and 32 for the Spanish towns situated in North Africa: Ceuta, with 7 square miles, and Melilla, with 5 square miles. It borders to the North on the Bay of Biscay, France and Andorra; to the East, on the Mediterranean; to the South, on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and to the West on the Atlantic and Portugal.

What differentiates Spain from the other World\'s countries are its very marked regions (autonomias). Spain counts 17 Autonomous Communities and 3 of them, Cataluna, Pais Vasco and Galicia, have very strong identities. They have their own official language and some minority independence movements.

\"Granada\"If you like walking through gorgeous natural and national parks, discover one of the most varied animal life or climb the mountains channels (Spain is the second-highest country in Europe), Spain is for you. You can also take advantage of the numerous activities like ski and snowboard, scuba-dive, surf, windsurf, kayak or canoe.

For the architecture buff, Spain\'s towns are incredible: cover the Grenada\'s Alhambra, Santiago de Compostela\'s cathedral, Salamanca\'s university, Toledo\'s Alcazar and much more. You will enjoy the beautiful leftovers of the Muslim architecture.

\"PalacioThe culture lovers will be gratified with numerous Spanish arts: cinema with the famous Almodovar, painting with Goya, dance with flamenco... If you want to swim from marvelous beaches, Costa Brava or Costa del Sol will be perfect for you with their huge beaches and with a beautiful sun. For the winter sports, you will go to the Pyrenees of Aragon and Catalonia and you will see that Spain\'s top resorts are relatively quiet, cheap and warm.

Spain is also a country with beautiful festivals and events. Seville\'s Semana Santa parades is famous through all the world and it\'s surely the single greatest demonstration of centuries-old Catholic emotion and drama in the country. Toledo\'s parades for Corpus Christi which is the city\'s most important religious festival. To finish, Pamplona\'s Fiesta de San Fermin with the incredible running of the bulls in the streets is unique in the world. There is a lot of other events which are most of the time connected to religion.

\"Paella\" You will enjoy the Spanish gastronomy. Spanish people are used to eat tapas, different small plates of dishes which can contain tortillas (eggs, onion and potatoes) or jamon iberico which is the best ham of Spain. There is a lot of different sorts of tapas and you will taste them during your stay in Spain.

You will have paella as well, which is a mix of rice, sea food, chorizo and of course, olive oil. It\'s one of the most famous Spanish plates throughout the world. You will discover a lot of other very good foods like sea food with tuna, sardine, anchovies or bacalao (dried and salted cod).

So, it\'s very easy to appreciate your meal when you are in this fabulous country.

Full country name: España (Spain)
Area: 200,000 sq miles
Population: 42.7 million
Capital City: Madrid
People: Castilians, Basques, Catalans, Galicians, Moroccans, South Americans
Language: Catalan, Basque, Gallegan, Spanish
Religion: 85% Roman Catholic, 2% Jewish, 2% Muslim
Government: parliamentary monarchy
Head of State:King
Head of Government: President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
Major Industries: Textiles and apparel, food and beverages, metals, chemicals, shipbuilding, tourism
Major Trading Partners: EU (especially France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK, Benelux), US
Member of EU: Yes

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