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Here under Switzerland, you will find travel information classified by city or regions of Switzerland, as well as general information.

Swiss villageA small mountain-nested country, Switzerland has a diverse population of 7 million, subdivided in 3 linguistic regions where German, French and Italian is spoken. A fourth language, Rumantsch (an interesting mix between Latin and German) is spoken in some remote valleys. There are 23 cantons (political subdivisions), all with their own laws and regulations. Switzerland claims to be politically neutral, is not part of the European Union and still uses its own currency, the Swiss Franc.

GenevaThe most visited city in Switzerland is undoubtedly Lucerne. Whilst this is no doubt a well-deserved honor, many other quaint towns or villages deserve to be put on the tourist map: Berne (the capital), Fribourg, Zug or Neuchatel. Geneva is a cosmopolitan metropolis, hosting many international organizations. Zurich is the economic capital.

Switzerland is world famous for its watches, banks, chocolate and cheese.

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