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Canberra is the capital of Australia and is located in Australian Capital Territory (ACT). This city was purpose built as a capital city in 1913, as it has not been built up as a settlement and was a planned city navigation of the area is extremely easy.

The city has around 400,000 inhabitants and is split into numerous areas. The central area, built around Lake Burly Griffin, is known as 'Civic' and comprises of the main shopping areas as well as parliamentary buildings and museums. There are also small towns such as Murrumbatemen within ACT.

The climate of Canberra remains extremely hot during the summer months but the temperature can fall drastically during the winter when temperatures during the evening fall below 0.

Canberra International Airport is the main route to ACT, however it is not actually serviced by international flights so you will have to transfer from Sydney or Melbourne to get to the capital which is a hassle. You are however also able to grab a bus from Sydney International Airport which takes around 3.5 hours.

Getting around Canberra is very easy; you can either buy a ticket for ACTION buses which cover the majority of Canberra. There also numerous purpose built cycle paths between the attractions. If you hire a car then parking is generally free at the major attractions throughout the city.

There are so many attractions within the city that it is impossible to name them all. However there are a few must visits.

The Australian War Memorial is one of the best museums in the country and includes exhibits detailing the vast military history of Australia. This is a free museum to visit and can take up almost half a day to truly explore everything that it has to offer. Close by is Canberra Museum and Gallery which features local artwork.

If you are interested in the native fauna of the area then head to 'Australian Botanic Gardens' in Acton. It is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and is the perfect location for a picnic.

The National Gallery of Australia is located in the Parliamentary Zone. This is a fantastic place to visit if you want a taste of traditional aboriginal art. Close by also visit the 'Old Parliament House' which houses a museum dedicated to the political history of the country. The new buildings are close by and are a true modern architectural marvel.

The National Dinosaur Museum is located in the suburbs of the city, as well as the royal mint which you can tour and discover how coins are made.

One of the most favourite locations in Canberra is a visit to 'Black Mountain Tower' in Acton which you can climb and gain vast panoramic views of the city.

There is still a large amount of places to explore in ACT outside Canberra. A particular highlight is Namadgi National Park which includes fantastic walking and biking trails. You will also be able to visit the former tracking sites used for planning the Apollo Moon Landing. If you are travelling in winter however the park may be closed so it is worth checking beforehand.

ACT is a fantastic place to visit in Australia, although the lack of international flights to the area can make it a bit of a hassle to visit it is more than worth it. Canberra is a fantastic city and is packed full of exciting activities for the tourist but there is still plenty outside the city walls for the adventurous tourist. There truly is something for everybody in ACT.

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