New South Wales

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Australia : Canberra, New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Tasmania
New South Wales: Sydney

New South Wales

New South Wales
New South Wales

New South Wales, a state in eastern Australia is surrounded by both Queensland and Victoria. The Pacific Ocean is located to the East. This State is home to the city of Sydney. Over 35% of the population of Australia are located in New South Wales.

The climate of New South Wales varies considerably depending on the region that you are in. The coastal region which plays host to the major cities in the state can vary from mild to sub-tropical temperatures (it gets hotter the closer you get to Queensland). The temperature often peaks at over 40 degrees in the summer, for that reason it makes sense to book accommodation in the area as soon as possible as a great deal of westerners head over there for the Australian summer. You then have the Snowy Mountains which are subject to great snowfall during the winter months; this makes them absolutely perfect for hobbies such as skiing and snowboarding. As you head further inland to the desert areas of New South Wales hold pretty consistent mild temperatures, although it can get pretty hot during the summer months.

Perhaps the most breathtaking landmark in New South Wales is Sydney Harbour, this picturesque scene is especially breathtaking of an evening. There are also many zoo's dotted around the area, a particular highlight is 'Western's Plains Zoo', a huge open-range zoo which has Animals wandering around peacefully in a paddock rather than cooped up in a small cage. If you want to see some of Australia's best known animals, the kangaroo then head on over to the 'Australian Reptile Park' where if you go early enough you may even get to touch one of them! This zoo is located in Gosford which is only around an hour from Sydney. Alternatively you can head on one of the Dolphin Spotting cruises which originate in Jervis Bay.

Of course there are many activities for anybody to carry out. Why not try and ride Australia's world renowned waves or head to the snowy mountains to ski. You can even go on one of the many bushwalks that originate in Katoomba to see the range of wildlife that New South Wales plays host to.

Getting around New South Wales is incredibly easy because the majority of transport connections focus on Sydney, which is where over 60% of the state's population lives. This makes it easier to take various excursions to locations around the state.

The best way to get to New South Wales is by flying to the 'Kingsford Smith International Airport'. This is located only 8km from Central Sydney and is the only international airport within the state, there are various airports dotted around however if you wish to extend your Australian trip by visiting over states. It is also well serviced by rail travel from all of the major cities in Australia. Alternatively you can swing by Sydney Harbour on one of the many cruises that pass by the area in the summer time.

If you are looking for a fantastic and beautiful location in Australia then you can do no better than visiting the state of 'New South Wales'. The scenery is beautiful and if you plan your trip well you can carry out many different pastimes, whether you want to lay on a hot beach with tropical temperatures or head to the mountains.

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