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New South Wales: Sydney


Bondi and its 'Iceberg'

Sydney is often incorrectly thought as the capital of Australia. That title does belong to Canberra. Sydney is however the largest city in Australia and is packed full of opportunities for the tourist, whether they are after a more cultural trip, world class shopping or a relaxing stay on the beach.

Sydney is spread out over numerous different districts each with their own unique character. The temperature remains pretty high throughout the year.

To get to Sydney take a flight to 'Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport'. It is located only 6km from the centre of Sydney so after the landing of your long flight it will not be that long before you are in your accommodation.

Due to its vast size it will be impossible to cover everything that the city has to offer for the tourist so I will cover some of the more famous landmarks as well as some hidden gems.

If you think of Sydney, or even Australia in general I am pretty confident that one of the first images that will spring to mind is 'Sydney Opera House'. This beautiful building is located in central Sydney and is one of the first places you should visit during your stay.

For beautiful views of Sydney at night head to Sydney Harbour Bridge, from here there are photogenic views.

One of the locations where a tourist will spend the majority of their time in Sydney is at 'Darling Harbour'. This area has been developed especially for tourists so there is plenty for everybody. There are numerous night clubs, shopping opportunities and children's playgrounds. While you are here you should take a trip to Sydney Aquarium where you will be able to see a wide range of aquatic life from Sharks to Tropical Fish. You will also be able to take one of the many harbour cruises that will take you around Darling Harbour.

Australia played host to the 2000 Olympics and just a short drive from Sydney you will be able to visit the Olympic Park. This location is full of various sporting facilities if you want to watch a game or two; there are also various open spaces to explore.

For a taste of history in Sydney then head to 'The Rocks'. This collection of sandstone buildings really emphasise the richness of history behind the city. It also makes a great escape from the city, although it does get pretty lively during the evening. Parramatta offers to same historical insights.

There are plenty of Museums located within City, with a great deal of them being free. A particular favourite is the 'Australian Museum' which houses many exhibits detailing the natural history of Australia. There is also the 'Australian National Maritime Museum' which is worth a visit.

Taronga Zoo is worth a visit whilst in the city and can take up almost a day. You will need to get a ferry from the city to reach this place. The Australian Reptile Park is also located around an hour from Sydney and isn't just home to reptiles, you will able to get up close to Kangaroos, Wallabies and Dingoes.

There are plenty of Whale Watching tours departing from Darling Harbour if you want to view the animals in their natural habitat.

Although by staying in Sydney you won't get the full Australian Experience, such as visiting the outback or many of the natural wonders it is still a wonderful city to visit. There is something for everybody to do here and it includes some of the most famous buildings in the world.

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