Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island

Certain Cruise Ships have stopovers at Norfolk Island.
Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is an island in the South Pacific Ocean which forms part of the country of Australia. It has an area of only 34.6km with 1,800 inhabitants. The inhabitants are descended from bounty mutineers that moved on from the Pitcairn Islands. It has developed its own language which a combination of 18th century English and Ancient Tahitian but English is the official language which makes communication easy.

Getting into Norfolk Island is not easy for an international tourist without forward planning. You will first need to obtain a multi-level visa because leaving Norfolk Island and landing in Australia will constitute you leaving Australia, if you have a standard visa you will be refused entry. Check ahead with a tour operator as flight times are erratic but you should be able to fly from Auckland, Newcastle and Melbourne. Flight times are around 2 hours from Melbourne and around 3 hours from other cities. Certain Cruise Ships also have stopovers at Norfolk Island.

The only way to get around the island is by walking (although this will take a lot out of you) or by hiring a car, a limited taxi service also exists but can be expensive if you have a lot of places you want to see.

The main reason why people visit Norfolk Island is due to the lack of taxes and duties on the products that are sold. You will be able to purchase anything you want from clothes to games and CDs. Every Sunday you can also visit an open-air market where there is an even bigger selection of goods available.

The best food on the island comes in the form of seafood. The majority of restaurants catch these fish fresh so you know that you are getting top quality food every time you make a purchase. If fish is not your thing then there is a wide range of other foods available including Chinese, Indian and Italian. It is worth sampling local specialities however which are based around Polynesian cuisine.

As the main bulk of money going into Pitcairn Island comes from tourists there is a great deal of accommodations available to stay in. Note however that this is not a place for a budget stay so you won't have the normal high rise tower blocks. If you are truly after a relaxing vacation then you can do no better than staying at 'Cumberland Resort and Spa'. This hotel is packed full of relaxing activities to pass the time away from Tennis to Swimming. Due to the size of the island everything is extremely close together and distance shouldn't really be a factor when planning your accommodation on Norfolk Island.

Due to its small size there is a real local feel to the island, operating like a village but catering for tourists far and wide. There are not the same amounts of tourist activities that are available in other parts of Australia, but it is an absolutely fantastic place to visit if you just want to kick back and relax.

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