Northern Territory

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Northern Territory: Kakadu National Park

Northern Territory

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory in Australia occupies the northern part of the country. It shares a border with Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland. The area is generally flat however there are some mountainous areas scattered around the place. This area has a real outback vibe to it, so if you want the genuine Australian Outback experience then this is the place to visit. Some of the most recognisable Australian Natural Wonders are located in this area including Ayers Rock. The capital of the territory is 'Darwin'.

The climate like much of the other territories in Australia is very different, the north of the territory has very tropical temperatures, whereas as you head further south to central Australia the temperatures become a lot milder, sometimes falling to around 3 degrees in the Winter compared to 21 degrees further north.

You will be able to get on an international flight to Darwin from Singapore (the majority of airlines will fly here) so it is easily accessible for the international tourist. Various cruises also have stopovers in Darwin.

Darwin is perhaps the best place start your stay if you are heading to the Northern Territory. This beautiful town is rich with both aboriginal history and from when the city was part of a British Penal Colony. One suggested place to visit close by is Crocodylus Park where you can get up close to some of the largest reptiles in the world.

The best way to experience Northern Territory is by taking a driving holiday, there are various places that you will be able to stay throughout the area that have been set up specifically for tourists. The locations are so far apart you will never be able to see it all if you remain based in Darwin. There are plenty of operators which include itinerates around the Northern Territory for driving holidays so you will not be heading out with no sense of direction.

One of the more popular sights to visit in the Northern Territory is 'Alice Springs'. This is located around 1500km from Darwin so you will need to drive down (there are plenty of sights to see on the way). From this location you will be able to views the beautiful landscapes of 'Alice Springs' before heading to the nearby Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the location of the famous Ayers Rock.

The national park is owned by an aboriginal tribe and much of it is unable to be visited by tourists. What you can visit though really does give a real sense of the Australian Outback and is worth a visit. In this location you will be able to climb Ayers rock (Uluru), however it is discouraged due to its sacred nature to the aborigine people.

Some amazing things you can do whilst staying in the Northern Territory includes ballooning, helicopter flights and the favourite of many tourists, bushwalking. If you want a particularly good location to camp in before heading out bushwalking then I suggest staying in Merl.

Much of the things to do in the Northern Territory are related to nature so if it's not your thing then there are plenty of other places to visit in Australia. If however you do want to sample some of the best wonders that Australia has to offer then I suggest you take an amazing driving holiday seeing all those wonderful things that Australia has to offer then you can do no better than visiting the Northern Territory.

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