Kakadu National Park

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Northern Territory: Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Kadaku National Park is located around 170km from Darwin in the Northern Territory. At over 7,000sq/m this National Park is the size of Slovenia. Ranger Uranium Mine, the world's biggest producer of Uranium is located in the park.

To get to the National Park you have to head from Darwin to Jabiru. You should be able to rent a car, preferably a 4WD if you want to experience everything from Darwin. These cars generally have distance limitations for the day so make sure you plan your tour in advance. There is an entrance fee to get into the park of $25 which is used towards the upkeep of the natural and cultural values of the park.

Kakadu National Park experiences six different changes throughout the year which changes the landscape in dramatic ways, meaning you can visit the same areas time and time again throughout the year and never experience the same views or animals twice.

The park plays host to the largest collection of aboriginal artwork in all of Australia, some particular highlights are at Nourlangie Rock.

There is a huge range of natural wonders to discover in Kadaku National Park. Over 68 different mammals live here and 120 reptiles. If you couple that with the thousands of insects, fish, birds and plants to gaze at you will never get bored.

Wherever you go there is always something to see here, however there are a few must visit places. If you want to sample traditional artwork from aboriginal people then head to Ubirr or Nourlangie Rock.

Perhaps one of the more stunning locations to visit however is 'Yellow Water' which is surrounded by wild horses, buffalo and crocodile throughout the year. During the tropical season this area floods and is home to millions of migratory birds throughout the year, if you are staying during this time then it is highly suggested that you book a boat tour.

Twin Falls is a wonderful place for photographers and tourists alike. It is suggested that you take a ferry to the base of the falls. The walk after however is not suggested for those with a fear of heights, but I do encourage you to overcome these as the views are simply beautiful.

There are many walks throughout the national park so it is worth checking with a tour operator about what is available. If your operator holds a permit to offer 4WD tours through Koolpin Gorge then this is highly recommended as well.

If you can't hire a car there are many tours within the park that will take you to see many of the sights within Kadaku National Park. There are also flights from Jabiru and Cooinda that will take you over the area.

Visiting this national park is perfect for those travelling along the open road who wants to get a taste of what is on offer there, there are numerous campsites in the park, many of which are free to stay at. It is worth planning an your trip beforehand, it is truly a once in a life time experience to travel through this area and you won't regret it.

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