South Australia

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South Australia

Adelaide is full of tourist activities.
South Australia

South Australia has an area more than three times the size of the United Kingdom, yet with only 1.6 million inhabitants makes it very sparsely populated. This huge size means that a wide range of different terrains can be discovered in the state, from arid deserts in the north and west parts of the state to beautiful coastlines dominated by cliffs and stunning beaches.

South Australia has recorded some of the highest temperatures in the country, unlike many other Australian States the temperature remains fairly consistent throughout the area, sometimes reacing over 48 Degrees in the Summer.

In order to fly to South Australia you will need to hop on a flight to Adelaide Airport. There are no direct flights from Europe or the Americas so you will need to transfer flight at Denpasar or Singapore. If you are travelling around Australia then you will be able to also get onto a flight from any other city airport to get here. Cruise ships also occasional pass by South Australia.

Australia is a vast country and therefore road travel between major cities is not recommended as in some cases it can take over 3-4 days. There are plenty of train excursions operating from within Adelaide that will take you on fantastic adventures through the Australian landscape heading from city to city, these are vacations in themselves.

Perhaps the most exciting sight in all of South Australia is 'Kangaroo Island'. You will need to get on a ferry in Cape Jervis. It is located around 45 minutes from the coast and has jaw dropping beaches as well as an abundance of wildlife including Kangaroos and Koalas. Take a visit to Kingscote on the island for shopping opportunities. There are also places for wine lovers on this island.

In addition to the wineries on Kangaroo Island there are many world famous wine regions throughout Southern Australia including McLaren Vale & Clare Valley.

There are once in a lifetime experiences around the area, why not swim with Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln, followed by Dolphins and Genelg or even Sea Lions in Baird Bay. Taking part in just one of these activities will make one of the most perfect vacations you have ever had, but here you have the opportunity to take part in all three. You will also have the opportunity to dive in the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

If you are staying in South Australia it makes sense to use Adelaide as your hub. It is within 2 hours reach of all the main locations within the state so you are never too far away from things to do. This city is also full of tourist activities. Adelaide Zoo is a particular favourite of many; it is one of the only places in the world where you will be able to see the Giant Panda.

Just outside of Adelaide you can take a visit to Belair National Park which has many trails for bushwalking which will enable you to see some of the more fascinating natural views in all of Australia.

South Australia like the rest of the country absolutely packed full of activities for the tourist ranging from adventures through the Australian outback, diving or just casual relaxing on the beach with a spot of shopping thrown in. This beautiful state contains all the hallmarks of a perfect vacation.

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