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Breeding female platypuses lay eggs in spring time.

Tasmania is an island just off the coast of Australia; it is the smallest state in the country and only has 500,000 inhabitants. Despite its small size it really packs a powerful punch and there are plenty of things for the budding tourist to do here.

Tasmania is a very mountainous region with beautiful ranges dominating the skyline. If you head to the North West however you will be able to gaze your eyes upon 'The Tarkine', the largest rainforest in Australia. There are also beautiful rivers running through Tasmania, a particular highlight being the Derwent River.

The seasons are very distinct within Australia. The temperature remains fairly cool throughout the year and during the winter the area can become very wet.

Getting to Tasmania is not as easy as some of the other states in Australia. There are no direct international flights to any of the airports so you will need to get onto a transfer from one of the main cities in the country. Perhaps the best way to get to the state is by getting onto one of the 'Spirit of Tasmania Ferries' which depart from Melbourne. These crossings take over 9 hours and will take you right into Devonport.

The most beautiful location in Tasmania is called 'Bay of Fires', located between Eddystone Point and Binalong bay. This area is dominated by some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, including amazing sandy beaches. This area is a vacation in itself and includes numerous camping opportunities for the walking tourist.

I suggest heading to 'Port Arthur' if you want to get a taste of some of the history of Tasmania. This is the location of an ex-convict site and you will be able to take exciting guided tours through the old prison area. After the tour there are plenty of bushwalks that you can carry out to get a taste of the beauty of the area.

One of the best photographic locations on the island is 'Cataract Gorge Reserve'. This is an urbanised park reserve and you will be able to walk along the cliff face and have stunning views overlooking the South Esk River.

Like many of the other states in Australia there are plenty of bushwalks to carry out in Tasmania, a particular favourite of the tourist being 'The Overland Track', you will need to book to get onto this bushwalk however.

There are plenty of fishing opportunities in the state if you fancy a more relaxing holiday. If you want a bit more adventure in the water then I suggest Scuba Diving which will enable you to explore beautiful reefs that play to unique plants and animals. The most popular site for diving is at Bicheno.

In order to carry out one of the more exciting activities in Tasmania I suggest hiring a 4WD car and hitting the open road. There are plenty of tour operators that will guide you through the states harsh and unexplored landscapes. This is a real adventure.

Despite the small size of the state there are still plenty of opportunities for the tourist. It is worth combining your visit here with a stay in Melbourne in order to get a real taste of what Australia has to offer.

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