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Victoria is the smallest state area wise in Australia; it is home to the famous city of Melbourne, where almost 75% of the entire population of Victoria live.

The climate and geography of Victoria varies in much the same way that New South Wales does. It ranges from hot tropical areas to snow covered alpine areas. This means there is a great deal for any tourist to do no matter what they are heading to the state for, whether it be for relaxing on hot beaches or skiing in the mountains.

The small size of the state and the general concentration of the majority of inhabitants in one area makes it easy to traverse, the road networks are pretty good with a decent train system which will enable you to travel all over Victoria quickly and easily. The gateway to Victoria is through Melbourne Airport although international flights also service Avalon so shop around for the best deals.

Melbourne is where the majority of activity happens within Victoria and is also the best perfect hub for travelling to other locations within the state, this makes it the perfect base for a tourist.

Melbourne is perfect for the shopper with a huge array of shops covering anything that anybody could have wanted, however of course that is not the main reason why people travel to the city. If you are into sport (particularily cricket) then head to Melbourne Cricket Ground, the 10th largest sports stadium in the world. It is also home to Australian Rules football during the cricket off-season. Melbourne is also home to the 'Eureka Tower', the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, a tourist will be able to head up to 'Skydeck 88' in this building and have wonderful photogenic views of Melbourne.

If you are interested in animals then it makes sense to head to Melbourne Zoo which is home to many animals ranging from Elephants to Lions, as well as various exhibits that showcase the wonderful animals that are native to Australia. You can then head to Melbourne Aquarium which houses a number of aquatic animals including penguins and sharks. Both of these attractions are must sees for the Victoria Tourist.

Tourism isn't the state isn't just limited to Melbourne however; there are hundreds of beaches along the coast for those that are after a more relaxing holiday. The Victorian Alpine Region is perfectly suited for those that wish to burn up as much energy as possibly by skiing.

If you head on down to the Highlands if you want to carry out various walking tours enabling you to take in a huge range of wildlife and plants that Victoria has to offer.

If you are a photographer some of the best locations you visit are the limestone cliffs by Port Campbell National Park known as 'The Twelve Apostles'. Alternatively head to Grampians National Park which offers absolutely stunning views.

Popular activities for the more adventurous tourist include hang-gliding and scuba diving. Why not also take a romantic hot air balloon ride over the state?

Despite being small the state of Victoria certainly packs a punch in the range of tourist activities, there is something for everyone right the way from a young child who will find fascination in the many zoos in the area to the older generation who will be particularly impressed with the sheer beauty of the state.

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