Western Australia

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Western Australia

Western Australia
Western Australia

Western Australia, as the name suggest is located in the West of the country, it is the largest state in the country and covers over a third of the country, and in fact it is larger in size than Western Europe. Due to its larger size it of course covers a huge range of geographical zones. Like many of the other states in Australia the climate also varies throughout the area from sub-tropical to monsoonal.

Perth is the only airport in Western Australia and is therefore your gateway to this fantastic destination. Once you are on the ground apart from a few limited rail connections the only way to get around is by car, which can be fairly difficult due to the vast amount of distances that you need to cover between locations.

The majority of Western Australia is a vast wilderness waiting to be explored so it is the perfect place to visit if you want to get a taste of the Australian Outback. That being said though the majority of tourists stick around the civilised areas where a number of attractions have been developed for this purpose.

If you do stick to the city of Perth there are plenty of things to get your teeth stuck into. There are fantastic beaches that you can let the days slip past you on. Fremantle is also within short travelling distance and boasts light shopping as well as a nature reserve to visit.

One of the best places to dive in the area is Ningaloo Reef which is full of a variety of Marine Life, for the more seasoned diver you can head out to Rottnest Island where there is an abundance of underwater caves screaming out to be explored. There are also fantastic surfing opportunities around the area.

There are plenty of operators offering hiking tours in the main spots of Western Australia. Taking one of these tours will allow you to really appreciate the amount of wildlife and plants that the country has. If you are particularly adventurous why not cycle the 'Munda Biddi Trail' which covers over 498km, this is a vacation in itself and there are plenty of campsites along the way for you to stay at.

Lake Argyle near Kununurra is the largest manmade lake in the world and is worth a visit, even if its just for the experience of bathing with friendly crocs!

I do suggest the tourist plans a road trip at least for a few days in order to experience travelling on the open roads of Western Australia where it will be a struggle to encounter anybody for miles. It has a sort of tranquillity to it.

The vastness of Western Australia means that it is really for the more adventurous tourist out there and will need a slightly longer vacation than the norm if you wish to fit everything in. There are things to do for the less adventurous though such as hanging out in Perth and catching a tan or going to see a movie or having a fantastic romantic meal. Western Australia does really include everything that is so great about the country.

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