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Fiji paradise

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Fiji? White, sandy beaches and blue sky, with a palm tree gently swinging in the breeze? You are right, Fiji is all of that. This group of islands in the South Pacific has been a popular tourist destination for many years, and with good reason.

Fiji is made up of over 300 islands, most of which are not inhabited, and is truly a tropical paradise. Naturally, a lot of the activities here center around the fantastic sea and the long coral reef. The waters are so clear that snorkeling is really a treat, as is diving. There are boats and kayaks for rent, a wonderful way of getting really close to the sea and its creatures.

Many cruisers, both big cruise ships and smaller yachts, make a stop-over at one or more of the Fiji islands. Since many people now like an active vacation, in combination with lazy days by the beach, there are many activities arranged. Surfing, white water rafting on the rivers, para-sailing are all available. Whether you like actually jet skiing, or simply going for a ride in a jet boat- it is up to you. The choice is there.

The best time to visit Fiji is from May to October. In fact, the peak season for tourism is in June and July, maybe also due to it being vacation time in other times of the world. From November to April is the rainy season, summer in Fiji, when the temperature rises and there are heavy rainfalls. This is the time when there is a possibility of cyclones, another reason why many prefer the cooler months for visiting. Of course, you can choose to visit those parts of Fiji with less rain, should you opt for traveling during rainy season. Many people from Australia and New Zeeland come to Fiji during December and January, since this is the vacation period in those countries.

There are so many islands to visit, with different appealing features. Some people like doing island hopping, staying the night in different places. This can be done in an organized way, or in backpack style. Others like mountain trekking, visiting the beautiful rainforests and waterfalls. Fiji also boasts of the only hot air balloon in the South Pacific, a truly unique way of seeing the islands.

Of course, Fiji is not only nature and beaches. There is history, culture, as well as nightlife, on offer. Most tourists will enjoy seeing a performance of local dance and culture, a so-called kava session. It is also possible to observe local handicraft, such as weaving or pottery. The city of Nadi, although not big, is a popular place for strolling and visiting.

People in Fiji are friendly and welcoming. Although there are many tourists, there is also plenty of space. In many places the hotels are focusing on eco-tourism, blending nature and business in a successful way. This will help ensure the preservation of this piece of tropical paradise, despite its popularity. Fiji is really worth a visit, whatever the time of year.

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