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Here under Embassies and consulates, you will find information about the different embassies and consulates in each country.

consulatesIt is important to realize what your embassy can and cannot do to help you if you get into trouble while abroad. Generally speaking, it won't be much help in emergencies if the trouble you are in is remotely your own fault. Remember that you are bound by the laws of the country you are visiting.

In genuine emergencies you might get some assistance, but only if other channels have been exhausted. For example, if you need to get home urgently, a free ticket home is exceedingly unlikely - the embassy would expect you to have insurance. If you have all your money and documents stolen, your embassy might assist with getting a new passport, but a loan for onward travel is almost always out of the question.embassies

See the individual country chapters for the addresses of embassies and consulates.

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