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Here under Luggage, you will find information and advice which will help you to deal with your luggage in the best way.

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. - Susan Heller

Here is the packing list for most of trips. We find all these items essential, but it is up to you to decide whether it suits your need...

Always leave 30% empty space in your bag at departure time, in order to bring back some souvenirs. Otherwise, you may need another bag on the way back.


Use this checklist as you pack. When you have packed an item, place a check in the corresponding box; then review the page to check whether you have forgotten about anything.

Big and small backpack - The big one for luggage cabin and the small one for your back. For a short trip of less than 15 days, a small one is more sufficient. sleeping bag

1 sleeping bag (-10 C) - For tropical weather, a sleeping bag can also be advisable

1 Swiss army knife - the tool kit, which allows you to cope with many situations. Do not carry it in your hand luggage because it may be confiscated at the airport.

1 mosquito net - a necessity which protects you from mosquitos, as well as other insects and rats

1 light scarf - especially to keep the dirt off your face

1 polar jacket - even on the equator, it may be very cold at the top of the mountain!

medical kit + toiletries

drugs and toiletries you need to take along:

nail clipper

pain killer (aspirin, paracetamol)
anti diarrhea tablets
antacid tablets
anti hemorrhoidal cream / suppositories
talcum powder
write down here any regular medicines you are taking:

3 T-shirt - 3 pieces are sufficient for change before you find a place for your laundry. shirts

1 short - it is easy to wash and can be doubled as a swimmer

1 long-sleeved shirt - useful in the evening

3 underwears

1 swim wear for the water

1 pants in light cotton easier to dry than a jeans and side-pockets are useful as well

1 raincoat necessary for tropical rains

1 pair of trekking shoes very useful even in tropical countries

1 pair of sandals for a walk on the beach, may also be used when you take a shower in unsanitary condition

3 pair of socks to avoid stingy foot, also useful to deter insect bites, especially in the desert

1 wallet + belt - this is a belt which can be doubled as a wallet to keep your money inside. Don't forget to put your documents in water proof ziploc. documents

Documents - certificate of vaccination (Yellow Fever), photocopies of flight tickets, passport, credit card numbers and other useful numbers, all to be kept separately from the original documents.

lighter, 2 candles - while camping or in case of power failure

1 frontal torch - ideal for climbing mountains at night

flashlight (torch)

batteries for all your battery-powered devices

power adapters

1 pair of sunglasses make sure to take care of your eyes map

Camera - to take beautiful and crazy pictures!

Maps + Travel guide - depends on the way you travel, but not always necessary

Laptop computer

Palmtop / organizer / PDA


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