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Here under Money, you will find information about the different rates of exchange in the world.

moneyThe European Union currently consists of 27 countries. Out of these 27 contries, 16 use the euro as their currency.

Major credits cards / (American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club etc) and debit cards are accepted in most countries and can be used to withdraw money from most automatic distributors / ATMs. In eastern Europe, the use of credit cards is becoming more common in hotels, restaurants, stores or car rental agencies.

Exchange offices and banks are normally located at airports, mainline stations and international hotels. In some eastern European countries, money can be exchanged on the black market, although this practice is not advisable.credit cards In such countries, the American dollar is a currency that is most sought after and can be used to pay for goods instead of the local currency.

Travellers cheques / can be changed in banks, exchange office and some hotels. For countries with weak currencies such as Russia, take currency in small denominations or travellers cheques in small sums to avoid being given an enormous amount of bank notes in exchange.

euroThe euro is the legal tender for more than 300 million people in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The symbol for the euro is .

Country Currency
Australia AUD Australian Dollars
BRAZIL BRL Brazilian Real
CANADA CAD Canadian Dollars
CHINA CNY Chinese Renminbi
DENMARK DKK Danish Kroner
Europe Euro
GREAT BRITAIN GBP United Kingdom Pounds
HONG KONG HKD Hong Kong Dollars
INDIA INR Indian Rupees
JAPAN JPY Japanese Yen
MEXICO MXP Mexican Pesos
NORWAY NOK Norway Kroner
RUSSIA RUR Russian Rubles
SINGAPORE SGD Singapore Dollars
SWEDEN SEK Swedish Krona
UNITED STATES USD United States Dollars

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