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Here under Tickets, you will find all the necessary information and advice how to save you money on buying appropriate ticket.



It is easy to book cheap airline tickets for yourself by surfing the internet for travel bargains, being flexible about departure dates, or be not against extra stopovers. But it is not so easy when you are trying to book vacation for the whole family. Standard strategies like extra stop or taking flights at unusual hours are more often than out of the question when you have children.

Most domestic airlines have a tendency not to offer any special family fares, so you are basically on your own looking for the lowest-priced standard tickets. If you are planning a trip to another country, you may find international airlines that offer some discounts for family of up to 25 percent. If you are willing to spend nice time, there are some ways to save money. For instance, a number of websites and e-mail alerts give details on airlines that are offering real discounts for children or families. But to find these bargains, you have to be prepared to do lots of searching and comparing.

Buying the Cheapest Tickets


Start your search for the best airfares with Internet travel - booking sites. Begin with the most popular travel sites, and then consider some of the newer, alternative ways to book cheap tickets.

General Travel Sites

Internet travel sites try to make available one-stop shopping for plane tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms, and more. Unfortunately, there are not any special actions for finding family fares on most of these sites, although Expedia offer searching classifications for children and babies. Some of the better sites include:




Adults (18-64)

Travel-University's preferred service. Travelocity is a top general travel site, which offers full reservation services for all types of travel. It also has a number of interesting features for finding lower prices, including its Best Fare Finder service, which locates the lowest price tickets and tourist attractions of the day they are offered on a calendar. If your travel times are not flexible the Map allows you to type your departure city and a price and then shows you all the cities you can fly to for less than the price you specify.

Feel free to experiment with this booking form, or go ahead, and book a flight, train or hotel.


Cheap Tickets

A well-known site for those seeking the cheapest fare.

Cheap Tickets give a wide selection of search capabilities. They offer a last-minute trips section, which lets you search for destinations by region. You have to just type in your departing city and the state or region you would like to travel to, and the site returns results for three types of packages: flight and hotel, flight and car, and hotel and more.




Is one of the top travel sites, Expedia's current redesign makes it even easier to use. As well as searching for flights and fares, Expedia provides a number of helpful features for bargain hunters: Fare Tracker e-mails the lowest fares on selected routes to you each week, Fare Compare shows the best prices that other Expedia customers are finding on selected routes, and Price Matcher allows you to name the price you want, along with selected criteria.



Onetravel offers discount and regular tickets. Once you have searched all standard flights and options, try one travel's white label fares. These are considerably discounted fares obtainable by major airlines with the catch that you can not see the carrier name or exact specifics of the flights offered before you buy. Unlike some discount approaches you can see enough information (such as the number of stopovers and general flight times) to decide if the fare will work for you.

Auction Sites

Unlike most travel sites that allow you to see flight information before you pay for a ticket, auction sites typically take a different approach. You select a route and travel dates and then name the price you are willing to pay. Advertisement


Priceline is the king of auction sites! Just name your price and then Priceline verify its database to see if any airlines are willing to accept your price. It is sounds good, but you should pay attention to the details, and can not forget you can only make one offer for each route, so do not propose too low. You have to guarantee with a credit card, so you will have bought the ticket if the airline accepts your bid, you can not evaluate the times of travel or stopovers, and of course it is non-refundable, non - changeable and non - transferable. Even with all these conditions, for families with some flexibility, Priceline can save some money.

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