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Stormy weather

While traveling itís always important to prepare for the unexpected. Bad weather can ruin even the best travel plans, so itís always a good idea to consider various scenarios. In a typical vacation, not everything goes according to plan. Be prepared, and you wonít have to deal with the weather ruining your vacation.

Know the Local Climate Be familiar with the destinationís local climate. If there is a rainy season, be aware of how long it lasts and the likelihood of downpours during a stay. Check your itinerary and see how rain would affect your plans. If the destination has a chance of snow, make sure to pack appropriate clothing for harsh conditions. Bring gloves and clothing with proper insulation, and avoid long-time exposure to the cold.

If the local climate is tropical make sure to bring proper protection from the sun. Bring SPF 35 or higher sunscreen, and make sure to take refuge in the shade occasionally. Donít feel embarrassed to wear a t-shirt or hat sometimes on the beach. Getting sunburn can drain your energy, and force you to stay indoors the following day, so itís important to not overexpose yourself to the sun while enjoying your vacation. If severe weather is a possibility, make sure to research what to expect if a blizzard, hurricane or tornado is in the forecast. Be especially vigilant if the climate is different than the one you know. If unsure how to deal with local weather turning bad, follow the local weather forecasts, and follow their recommendations.

Be Flexible One of the keys to handling inclement weather is flexibility. If you were planning on visiting an amusement park on a certain day of your stay, but the weather forecast is miserable, be flexible enough to change plans. Maybe you can go visit the local museum instead? Make sure any guided tours you sign up for have a variety of destinations, indoors and outdoors. That way, it wonít matter if the unexpected happens; your tour guide will be able to come up with alternatives.

Flight Delays Dealing with the check-in process at the airport is already enough hassle, without having to worry about delayed flights due to bad weather. If you are having someone pick you up from the airport, make sure they have the whole day available. Tell them a time range you plan to arrive. Instead of instructing your ride to show up at a specific time, call them when you arrive at the airport. Itís very frustrating for a relative or friend to be forced drive around the airport, waiting for your arrival, especially in bad weather. If you call when you arrive, showing up hours later than expected wonít be such a big deal.

With a little research about the local climate, anyone can prepare for handling the weather on their vacation. Bring proper clothing and protection, be flexible with your itinerary and be alert for severe weather that could potentially cause flight delays. If prepared for all scenarios, youíll be ready to spend more time enjoying your vacation, and less time dealing with the unexpected.

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