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Here under Geography, you will find reference information about physical geography, geomorphology, geology, meteorology and geography, climatology, biogeography, pedology, hydrology or oceanography. All these are elements of geography, or narrowly related to geography.


Physical geography may be defined as the integrated study of the natural environment on or close to the Earth's surface. The nature of the relationship between man and the natural environment is inevitably a complicated one; it varies from place to place, and it has changed through time.

If physical geography deals with the natural environment, what is meant by this expression? First, we should note that, strictly speaking, environment means 'that which surrounds': in its broadest sense this includes all energy and matter capable of influencing man, from the astronomic to the subatomic level.

Physical geography has been described not so much as a basic science, but as an integration or overview of a number of earth and life sciences which give insight into the nature of man's environment. The question then is, what sciences should be selected to achieve this objective?

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