Human Geography

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Human Geography


Human geography covers a very wide field. It embraces the study of the human race, the growth of human numbers, the movements of population, physical and cultural differences between human groups and economic activities. Therefore, the study of Human geography needs an understanding of the effect of humans on natural environment as well as knowledge of his position within the structure of ecosystems. Man is ecologically the dominant species. The evolution of his anatomical and mental characteristics places him as the homo sapiens. His erect posture, usage of bipedal locomotion, the hands with the marked thumb development, and the development of brain mark the evolution both successive and isolated adaptation.

Definitions regarding any subject are the outcome of deep and thorough study and fine conceived notions and ideas. Some of the definitions given by scholars are being reproduced below.

1. Huntington Human Geography may be defined as the study of the nature and distribution of the relationships between geographical environment and human activities.

2. Vidal De La Blache: Human geography offers a new conception of the interrelationship between the earth and man - a more synthetic knowledge of physical laws governing earth and of the relations between the living being which inhabit it.

3. Semple E.C Human Geography (ca 1911) is a study of the changing relationship between the unresting man and the unstable earth.

4. H. Robinson: Human Geography is the influence which the environment exercises up on the life activities, progress and distribution of man, but recognizing at the same time the reciprocal action of man upon his environment and action which becomes increasingly intensified and powerful as man's scientific knowledge and technological skill advance.

5. Dicken S.N. and Fills F.R Human Geography is looked upon as the study of man and his works.

Thus human geography is not only the science of interrelationship between man and his environment but also a science of research pertaining to the activities of human beings in relation to the environment.

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