African & Oriental Realms

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African & Oriental Realms


The African Realm. It covers the area of Africa. South of the Sahara Desert is dominated by the Negroes with rather primitive ways, linguistic diversity, which hampers communication by itself and by lack of script. The society is tribal with animistic superstitious religion with widespread witchcraft. European control resulted in slavery. Forced labour caused hardship and made them liable to economic exploitation. Independence helped in achieving great strides as in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Zaire and Ghana. The early democratic forms of governments have fallen prey to dictatorial military rule e.g. Ethiopia, Chad, Uganda etc.

Black Africa has its own distinct personality. It has hundreds of languages and religions. Religions are local in character. They are community religion. They are not influenced at the least by the two great all embracing religions namely Christianity and Islam. The other economic activities are fishing, hunting and gathering.

The Oriental realm. It covers Monsoon Asia where diversity of ethnic, linguistic and religious characteristics is prevalent. Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong are exceptions in this area. This is a civilization where wood plant materials are widely used for food shelter and clothing. The demographic characteristics are changing.

It is a cultural realm with similarity of ethnic and linguistic groups. This cultural realm consists of Thailand, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Philippines and Indonesian islands, Burma etc. Ethnically this cultural realm is dominated by China, but culturally it has predominance of Hindu and Buddhist culture. In many ways the Hinduism and Buddhism have influenced the life style of the people. The Islam also came here via India. Islamic Indonesia still has imprint of Hindu culture. In spite of the prevalence of Islam both in Indonesia and Malaysia cultural pattern is the amalgamation of Hinduism and Buddhism.

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